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About Fire Damage

Fire damages can be one of the most devastating losses to your home. Not only does your home have damages from the fire itself, it also most likely has water damage from extinguishing the fire. A main goal when cleaning up smoke damage is to make sure we clean the areas which the smoke has traveled through. Smoke travels through wall cavity's and vents, and can affect other areas of your home this way. It is key to make sure this is taken care of or the smoke smell will return at a later time. Our smoke damage technicians are also certified in vent cleaning to assure all the smoke and odor in your vents are removed. Most importantly, we make sure the air quality in your home is returned back to normal after all necessary cleaning is done. We do this using industrial air scrubbers that remove 99.7% of all particles in the air.  

What to do After a Loss

There are certain precautions that need to be taken to ensure your home is safe for you and others immediately after a fire. Fires may cause damage to your roof. If this is the case your roof needs to be tarped immediately to ensure that the outside weather elements do not cause more damage to your home. Also with fire damage, it is common that windows will need to be boarded up. Not having this done immediately after a fire will allow anybody to have access to your home if a window is broken. Not only can they steal, but it can also make you liable if someone gets hurt while entering your home. Our technicians are on call 24/7 for this and can be at your home within an hour to assure its safety after a fire.

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Our Certifications to Assure Were Best for the Job

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration

  • Contents Processing Specialist

  • Odor Control Technician

  • Vent Cleaning Technician

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